The C2S2 Rulebook:
Communicates rules clearly.

Often, your employees are too busy to read through pages of policies and guidelines before making a decision. People want to have quick and clear answers to pressing questions. That’s why we’ve developed the C2S2 Rulebook. It is a digital service that both presents company policies understandably while communicating them with empathy.


A company is only as strong as its decision-makers. Decisions are not only made at the executive level. Every employee is confronted on a daily basis with decisions—big, small, trivial and uncommon. These are decisive for the success of a company. Good decisions are made by those who know the scope of possibilities. On the job, that means knowing exactly what to do in a particular situation. But also what possibilities there are. Often it is important to know the rules of the game.

The C2S2 Rulebook gives the right answer to every question.

Knowing always and everywhere what is—and isn’t—possible: the C2S2 Rulebook is the key. When traveling for business, in use on-site at the customer’s premises, or in the office. With the C2S2 Rulebook, you provide your employees with a tool that results in competency for all situations. This way, you increase motivation and trust while at the same time avoiding regulatory violations and defensive attitudes.


With the C2S2 Rulebook, your employees can

intuitively query rules and options for action
document decisions
better understand policy and guideline content

The C2S2 Rulebook also offers you

Rich Media integration
easy integration into workspaces
mobile accessibility