The EQS Rulebook:
Communicates rules clearly.

Often, your employees are too busy to read through pages of policies and guidelines before making a decision. People want to have quick and clear answers to pressing questions. That’s why we have developed the EQS Rulebook. It is a digital service that communicates corporate policies to your employees in an understable and empathic way.

A company is only as strong as its decision-makers. Decisions are not only made at the executive level. Every employee is confronted on a daily basis with decisions—big, small, trivial and uncommon. These are decisive for the success of a company. Good decisions are made by those who know the scope of possibilities. On the job, that means knowing exactly what to do in a particular situation. Often it is important to know the rules of the game.

The EQS Rulebook gives the right answer to every question.

Knowing always and everywhere what is—and is not—possible: the EQS Rulebook is the key. When traveling for business, in use on-site at the customer’s premises, or in the office. With the EQS Rulebook, you provide your employees with a tool that results in competency for all situations. This way, you increase motivation and trust while at the same time avoiding regulatory violations and defensive attitudes.


With the EQS Rulebook, your employees can

  • intuitively query rules and options for action

  • document decisions
  • better understand policy and guideline content

The EQS Rulebook also offers you

  • Rich Media integration
  • easy integration into workspaces
  • mobile accessibility


The most comfortable set of rules ever

The EQS Rulebook comes as a white label product to your company. It can be laid out according to your corporate design and integrated into your existing web platforms. The application is provided as an online service, is available through the browser, and is available as a native app for iOs and Android.

In the standard version, the EQS Rulebook is accessible via a seamless link method, which can be integrated into any web platform. If necessary, an authentication method can also be implemented via Microsoft Azure Active Directory or in a company-specific manner.

No personal data will be saved in the EQS Rulebook. The secure HTTPS protocol is used for data transmission. The EQS Rulebook runs on virtual servers from Microsoft Germany in certified EU data centers.

The Rulebook software is always automatically updated to the newest version. All Rulebook contents are kept up-to-date: updates are installed according to an agreed cycle, in the course of which you will receive informative evaluations on the use of your EQS Rulebook.

Your Way to Digital Policies

The EQS Rulebook consists of thematic content sets which are developed from the regulatory content of your policies and guidelines or provided by EQS Group —optimized on request. For this purpose we have developed a proprietary technology: Interactive Rule Modeling (IRM®). Your policies and guidelines are digitally mapped: the results are intuitively searchable rules for communicating what employees may do and must do, and what they need to watch out for in specific processes. A convenient use flow and clear language make the implementation of your business rules a motivating process.

For the implementation of the EQS Rulebook in your company there are three possible scenarios:

Compliance - Rulebook

With the EQS Rulebook we are currently successfully managing …

  • the group-wide communication of the Code of Conduct and all policies in a retail and touristic group

  • the comprehensive digital provision of company policies to all employees in an automotive group

  • a digital agent service for the finance departments of an automotive group

  • the digital communication of GRC requirements in a medium-sized financial holding company to its subsidiaries

  • the communication and training of organisational rules in a medium-sized construction company

  • the comprehensive dialogical communication of the new corporate policies after the merger at an energy provider.

Would you like to know more?

  • On request we will be happy to establish contact with one of our customers.


This is what your EQS Rulebook costs

1. Technical set-up and content generation per IRM®

We charge a one-time set-up fee for the EQS Rulebook. After an individualized document review, you will receive a fixed price offer for the transfer of your regulatory content into the EQS Rulebook. Using the IRM® method, we extract the essence of your existing policies and guidelines and transform these to create the queries for the EQS Rulebook. It is also possible to optimize or revise the regulatory content.

2. Subscription

There is a monthly fee for use and maintenance of the EQS Rulebook. This is calculated on the basis of the number of employees in your company which can use the Rulebook service and the desired language versions.


Is compliance detracting from performance?

Compliance managers are often seen as the company “grinch”. Take a proactive approach and inspire your employees with cutting-edge compliance support:

Manage compliance digitally.

Corporate values and standards must be comprehensible and accessible. When you know exactly what you are allowed to do, you do everything you can. For company success.


Over 15 years of expertise in corporate governance

We aim to make it as easy as possible for employees to access and understand company regulations. To this end, the regulations are digitized according to an innovative linguistic approach. This forms the basis for different interactive topic approaches such as a semantic search, a facet retrieval and a chatbot. The competence gained in this way helps companies and employees to act responsibly and in line with corporate values and to efficiently minimize risks.

The Team

Aram Kaven-Moser

Aram Kaven-Moser, founder and CEO, is responsible for strategy and business development and expert in governance, risk and compliance. He has got 15 years of management experience in consulting and corporates, with professional stations at Daimler, Deutsche Telekom, REWE and EY, amongst others.

Klaus-Michael Thelemann

Klaus-Michael Thelemann, Chief Operating Officer (COO), is responsible for customer content and thus has the task of combining highly complex content with a motivating user experience. Klaus has over 30 years of experience in advisory services on topics such as corporate governance, risk and compliance management and has held senior positions at Arthur Andersen, EY and GRC Consult for many years.

Florian Beese

Florian Beese, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), is responsible for the technical development and scaling of the Rulebook platform. He has got 10 years of management experience in IT and software development, with professional stations at Verivox, Mister Spex and Pagido, amongst others.

Dana Tzscheetzsch

Dana Tzscheetzsch, Customer Success Manager, is responsible for a wide range of topics, from reporting to marketing. After getting her degree she spent a year working for the High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) before switching to the HTGF investment C2S2.


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